Sc2MapPro 1.2

This online gaming bot has some useful features and it is undetectable
1.2 (See all)
BullShit Software

This online gaming bot has some useful features such as: Completely external and virtually undetectable!
- Resource HUD shows your opponent's resource/units/building.
- Ability to display special units on the minimap with custom shapes or images.
(Triangle for Tanks, Circle for Dropships, Cross for Invisible, etc, or just use your own image!)
- Forces HUD alerts you of opponent's attack power.
- Customizable alerts HUD to inform you of certain rush/cheese tactics.
- Ability to Resize/Reposition HUDs anywhere on the desktop.
- auto larva inject/units creation/research upgrade, chrono boost, openings, warpgates, mules.

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  • Useful bot for many videogames


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